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Property Syndications

What is Property Syndications?

A group of investors buys a property and share the income of that property. The syndications we deal with is normally syndications in shopping centres and office blocks.

The syndicated properties are bought in the name of the company. A new company is formed for each syndication. The money you invest will buy you shares in that company. Moneys paid to you are normally in the form of Interest earned. Interest are paid to you on a monthly basis.

Why is it a good investment?

By investing in Property Syndications you now have the chance to invest in commercial property. Because you own a share of the property the interest you earn will increase each year as the rent which the tenants have to pay escalates each year. If you invest your money in the bank the interest you earn will hardly increase. While you earn your interest the value of the property also escalates. Thus your initial investment grows in value.