Guidelines for using the DigiProp system

The purpose of the DigiProp system is to be an easy to use, plain and simple property management system.

We have added a limited of functions to the system in order to keep it simple and to keep the costs to the users as low as possible, giving you the best value for your money.

We have placed the issue on photographs at the end of this help page. This is the most important issue, so please make sure you read it. It is at the end of the page because of its length and not because of its importance. Click here to read it


Enter your assigned username and password and press the "Login" button. If you enters the incorrect username and password, the system will prompt you to try again. When you logged in successfully the system will automatically enter your personal details in all transactions. Thus, if you submit a property, you do not have to enter your name and contact details. This is only our way to keep the entries as uniform as possible and in order to prevent users from sharing usernames.

First Page

After you logged into the system a page will be displayed with the subject "The control panel of "yourname"" Please make sure that your name are displayed here since that is the name which will be assigned to all the properties you add. If your name is not displayed here or are incorrect, please do not hesitate to call us immediately. You can call Pieter at 083-4315841 or .

On this first page you will have different options to chose from; "Submit a new property", "Manage existing property (add photographs)" and "logout". 

Let's deal with the easiest one first, "Logout":

If you click on this link you will be logged out of the system. Although this step is not compulsory it is a safe practice to always log out of  any system after you used it. The system will automatically log  you out if the system remains inactive for a long period. 

Submit a new property:

If you click on this link you will be routed to a submission form. Here you can add the details of your property. The fields marked "optional" is, as it says, optional. These optional details are meant for an advanced management system where you can use our system to keep track of your own properties. This system is still under development and will be available soon at no extra cost. The "suburb" field is optional because some of the smaller towns do not need to enter a suburb. 

All details you enter will be displayed as you enter it. So if you type everything in lower or capital case it will be displayed like that. In order to let you entry look professional, please do not enter the complete entry in CAPITALS. At the description entry you should describe your property as good as you feel it should be to sell your property. In order to give space for your creativity we have not put a limit to the size of the description. 

The "Town", "Price" and "Description" fields are compulsory and you will not be able to submit the entry without any of these. When you submit the entry the name and contact details at the bottom of the form will be added to the entry. So if it is the first time you use the system, please double check that it is the correct details, we did double check and will appreciate if you could do so as well.

After you have entered all the relevant details you can click on the submit property button and the details will be entered into the data base.

Manage existing property (add photographs):

If you click on this link you will see all the properties you have listed so far. Next to the property listed are various links which, when clicked, will perform a function which will be relevant only to the relevant property. These links are:

Full Details: Just what it say, if you click here you will go to a page which shows the full details of the property as entered by you. At the bottom of the  "Full details" page are a link where you can view the photographs listed for this particular property or you can go back to the admin page. If there is something in the details of the relevant property you would like to change, you must first click on the "go back to  admin page" link and in that page select the "edit" option.

Edit: As it says, you can edit the details of the property here. You will be able to edit the details of the property. You cannot edit the time, date and your personal details. If you would like to change your personal details, please contact Pieter at . The date and time cannot be changed at all.  If you enter the edit page, but there is nothing you whish to change, click on the "update property" button anyway, it will not damage anything.

Add Photo: You would have noticed by now that each property has a unique reference number. If you click on the "Add Photo" link the system will open a page where you can add a photograph (up to four per entry). In this page the reference number of the property will be displayed. Make sure you submit the correct photograph for the correct property. If the correct reference number is displayed, click the "Browse" button in order to select the relevant photograph from your hard drive. Before you do this it is very very important to first read the chapter of photographs at the end of this page. You can only upload .GIF and .JPG  files for images. After you selected the relevant photograph, click "Upload Image". Click the button only once. It may seems as if nothing happens, but if you look at the bottom right part of your browser screen you will note that there are progress bar which will show you how far the image has been loaded. This is where the last chapter comes in. The larger your file is, the longer it will take for you to load an image and the longer it will take a client to  look at the property you want to sell to her. There are a lot of impatient people out there, so if you image take ten minutes to load, the customer would have viewed ten other properties in that time. PLEASE READ  THE PHOTOGRAPH CHAPTER.

View Photo: If you click on this link you will not only reach a page where you can view all the photographs submitted for the property, but you will also be able to delete the photograph if you would like to replace it. If there are no photographs submitted for the relevant property, the system will inform you.

Delete: PLEASE NOTE: If you press the delete button, there will be no warning sign asking "Are you absolutely sure that you would like to delete both the property details and all photographs from this server". You must be sure of that before you click on the link. So, if you click on the "delete" link, all the property details as well as all relevant photographs will be deleted from the system.

And that is it folks, after that we are back at the "logout" link. If you need any help, please contact us at 083-4315841 or


If you need to spice up your photographic skills, please click here . there you will find either a Photography e-book learning you how to take better photographs or you will find details on places where you can do a photography course.

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