Online bond application

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What documents you will need to apply for a loan
apply for a bond
Documents Reasons
Copy of identity document Necessary for client information
Necessary for Credit Bureau checks
Copy of latest pay slip/proof
To assess affordability
of income
Three months bank statements

To verify net income
Offer to Purchase (Signed by To all parties)
check property details and
Income Tax Number FICA requirement
Proof of Physical address FICA requirement
Additional documents for Practicing Professionals /Sole Proprietors/Partnerships
Latest financial statements signed by the client
Necessary to assess risk
Six months bank Statements Necessary to assess risk
Additional documents for Companies/Incorporated Companies
Latest audited financial statements or Management accounts.
Necessary to assess risk
Latest certified financial statements Necessary to assess risk
Bank statements/reports for last
six months
To support turnover
Necessary to assess risk