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Tips for selling your property

Make your home look like a show case!


If you stay in a apartment or duplex/simplex, consider storing unnecessary goods, those you never use but do not want to dispose of, at friends or family. One concern among buyers is space. Create space. You will be surprised to how much extra space you can create by re-arranging your furniture. It might not be as practical as it use to be, but for two to four months your home is not supposed to be practical but a show case to potential buyers.


Let your home look and smell fresh. Arrange fresh flowers when people come to see your home. You can even add some colour to your garden. Plant flowers like Petunias, Pansies or "magrietjies". They flower regularly in summer.


Broken tiles and doors make a home look neglected. Replace broken tiles, doors and windows. Spending R2000.00 replacing such items might just get you R10000.00 more into your pocket. Do not overspend. Look at what you can get for your home and how much profit you want to make. If you have to hire somebody to do your repair work, it sometimes might be cheaper to give the buyer some discount and sell the property as it is.


Store counter-top items in the kitchen which are not frequently used inside a cupboard. This will create more SPACE.


As harsh as it may sound, clean the garage and pack everything neatly. Allow enough space for the potential home buyer to visualize his new car in the garage. Consider storing unnecessary items at friends or family. 


On the outside, replace missing or broken slats in the fence. Replace broken hinges and repaint rusted or stained gates. Mow the lawn, trim the edges and remove dead plants or trees. Water the lawn so that they can be as green as they never been. Clean the paving and try to remove oil stains from the driveway as well as the garage floor.


This all boils down to "Spring clean your home and make it look nice"


Tips on selling your home in your private capacity


Allow estate agents to list you property. Do not sign a "Sole Mandate" form at an estate agent. Signing a sole mandate will mean only one agent will market your property. If you let all interested agents list your property, you have several persons marketing your property. If you allow agents to list your property, let then understand clearly that you are also selling it privately and that you will allow other agents to list it.


Agents will ad 7-10% to your price. Thus you can advertise your property for less than their price. Having estate agents list you property will increase your property's exposure.


If you want to sell your property privately, advertise. If you do not advertise, nobody will know that you want to sell your property.


You must obtain a electrical certificate from a qualified electrician before you can sell your home.


If a buyer decide to buy your home, the first step will be to get him to sign a "agreement of sale and purchase". A good idea is to contact the lawyer who will handle the transfer and ask his advice. Most of them might give you a agreement of sale and purchase for free since it means business to them. 


DO NOT spend money on your new property until your lawyer received a letter from the buyer's bank which confirm that the buyer's lone had been approved. It often happen that a buyer's loan gets rejected and then your transaction might get cancelled. Do not take anybody's word for the approval of the loan, insist on a letter from the buyer's financial institution.


You as seller are entitled by law to make use of the lawyer of your choice to handle the transfer. If you buy in the same town or city, it could be a good idea to use the same lawyer as the one who is handling the transfer of the home your buying. This will mean that the paperwork do not have to be transferred from one attorney to the other. This safes time and might also help on getting discount on legal fees. 


On the agreement form, the date of occupation will normally be "date of registration" (if not agreed otherwise). Make the occupation rental an amount which you too can afford. It might happen that your new home is not ready in time and then you have to rent your property from the new owner. This rent is normally about 10% of the purchase price.


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